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SymbiAngels is a Community Angel Network started by a group of SIBM alumni to support the startup ecosystem. We believe that entrepreneurs are special and want to extend a helping hand to those who rightfully deserve it.

We are a group of startup founders and investors who have been through the tough journey of entrepreneurship. Our network is based on the foundation where we share our experiences with you so that you can learn from us, and we can learn from you.

Table of Contents

Community Network

Symbi Angels is a community of SIBM alumni and hustling entrepreneurs. We aim to establish a global network of angel investors to assist startup entrepreneurs. It offers a platform to encourage one another and give back to our alma mater. We combine operational knowledge from various sectors, enhancing the effectiveness of due diligence, terms negotiation and board stewardship.

Purpose of Community Network

The purpose of our network is to provide financial support to these startups using their capital from an investment pool. The Community Angel Network provides several services that are:

1) Investment Pool: This pool will be used by the community members who have decided to invest in startups through this network. The members can also use it as a collateral source for other loans they may need to obtain funds from other sources.

2) Guidance: This service is provided by the community members to assist each other in identifying new investment opportunities and advising them on how best to utilize their capital.

3) Support: This service allows the community members who have invested in a startup to receive advice regarding how best they can utilize their investments so that they get maximum returns on their investments after acquiring knowledge about how startups operate and how they should be managed effectively.

For Startups

Are you planning to become an entrepreneur?
Do you have a startup idea?
Funding is the most common problem for startups!

You can now connect with angel investors from our network through a website/forum known as our Symbi Angels.

Symbi Angels is an investor community who invests globally in innovative startups. It’s a network of angel investors who assist hustling startup entrepreneurs. It offers a forum for former students to encourage one another and give back to our community.

Benefits of being funded by an Angel Investor

Here are the benefits of being funded by an angel investor:

  • Your idea gets Real-time validation by an external investor.

  • VCs are actively searching to invest in startups previously sponsored by business angels. So, your chances of getting funded by a VC increase drastically.

  • 74% of the startups funded by an angel investor have never run out of funds.

Value Proposition

Here’s the value proposition you will get:

  • Emotional connection.

  • Community support.

  • Leverage the experience and expertise of other alums.

Benefits for Startups

Here are the benefits for startups:

  • Get your startup investor ready.

  • Receive guidance from experts.

  • Connect with SMART Investors.

  • Hand-Holding Deal Closures.

  • Demo days for pitching your idea.

  • Masterclass sessions by domain experts.

Services Offered by Symbi Angels

Here are the services offered by Symbi Angels:

  • Get access to a closely-knit community of angel investors and stakeholders

  • Connect with global investors.

  • Get hands-on experience in pitching to various investors.

  • Get your startup featured on the website.

  • Manage to raise funds for your startup.

Symbi Angels Membership Benefits

Here's what we'll provide:

  • Free credits and discounts from Partners

  • Masterclass sessions by domain experts

  • Networking with other startup founders

  • Demo days for pitching your startup

  • Connect with Symbi Angels Community

  • Validate and perfect your documentation

  • Get your startup investor ready

  • Hand holding for deal closures

Steps to Take to Connect with Symbi Angels

Please follow the steps to connect with Symbi Angels:

  • Register your startup on the website.

  • Create your profile.

  • Upload your pitch decks.

  • Access the upcoming events and schedules and choose if you want to participate.

  • Refer to recordings of past events in which you have participated.

  • Revert to the queries posted by investors.

  • Access global news and trends on domain-specific investments.

  • Pay Registration fees/Renewal fees.

Eligibility Criteria for Symbi Angels

Requirements for being eligible to be registered on the website-

  • You need to have an idea/POC.

  • The company needs to show a set of deliverables (optional).

  • Be a stakeholder of a community angel network.

For Angel Investors

Benefits of investing in a Start-up

  • The Government is promoting the startup culture; hence, investing in startups is relatively safe.

  • Angel investing can be a great way to diversify investments. By investing in startups, angel investors can make money from several different types of companies.

  • Being an angel investor gives investors access to professional networks throughout the country that can help make connections for investors or their teams (or both).

Why now?

Because the ecosystem of the startup community is changing.

Value Proposition

  • Identifying - Curated startups selected by the expert investment committee.

  • Investing - Assistance in term sheet negotiations till SHA signing.

  • Managing - Equity transfers against investments to portfolio management.

  • Exit - Options & guidance to exit at the right valuations at the right time.

Tech intervention

Here’s the tech intervention that startups and investors will get:

  • Investors / Startups can Access the upcoming events scheduled.

  • They can also refer to recordings of past events.

  • Both the investors and startups would be able to post queries or any questions that may arise.

  • Access global news and trends on domain-specific investments.


Our goal is to connect startups with community members so that they can receive support along the entire journey of starting a business. The process starts with identifying the needs of an entrepreneur and then meeting with a team member to discuss how we can best meet those needs. We work with startups ready to scale but struggle with finding funding options that fit their needs. We are building a community where entrepreneurs can share their stories and get feedback from other entrepreneurs and investors.

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